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Top Chefs
The Middle School youth group shown here recently helped prepare meals to be served at the Frederick Soup Kitchen. 
Time Out. Senior High Fellowship Experience 
School, homework, sports, music, dance, cheering, theater and clubs, hobbies, work, relationships and family obligations…. Life can get pretty hectic.  
So hectic that you can forget to take a Time Out.

But that’s what Christ calls us to do!  To take Time Out from the hustle and bustle of the world and reconnect with God, with one another, with the community, and even with our own selves.

Time Out is a chance to do just that: intentionally carve out time for what God promises will feed your soul, renew your spirit, recharge your batteries, build character, prepare you for a successful future, and help you grow into new and deeper friendships as you get to know yourself better.

Taking a Time Out is God’s Holy Way.
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